Prayers to keep you going

imageI have been deeply challenged by Tim Keller’s “Prayer. Awe and intimacy with God”. Judging by the amount of underlining and highlighting I’ve done so far in the first 4 chapters there’s treasure everywhere. Anyways, in an effort to apply some of Keller’s wisdom I’ve been trying to spend a bit more time prayerfully reading and reflecting on the psalms. This isn’t new for me. I’ve used the Anglican monthly cycle of reading the Psalms (falteringly) at different points over the last 12 years. What’s new for me is this time I’ve made myself slow things right down. Instead of trying to get through loads of Psalms in a day or month or whatever, back in August i set myself to read and pray one verse from Psalm 119 per day. I’ve divided the psalm up in such a way that by the end of the year I would have finished it.

What I’ve found is that it’s helped me take time over each proposition and think deeply about the application in everyday life. It’s also been a terrific way to stir up Praise, Confession and Petition. Charles Bridges’s exposition on Psalm 119 (I have it on the kindle) has been another beneficial devotional tool to help me see things in each verse I wouldn’t have got. This is just one simple way I’m finding of developing the language of prayer – using scripture to hear God speak and letting his word not just the content but the tone and vision of my prayers to him.